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Taper Candles for Rituals + Special Events ✨ 🕯

Candles are unscented + feature either a stone/crystal, crystal point, or chakra/rainbow stones. Remove the stones prior to burning. 

Unscented candles allow for setting your own intentions when used in rituals + on altars. Candles pair well with our Candlesticks.

Candles are made with Beeswax + Coconut Oil or 100% Beeswax. Trim wick before using. 
Candles are approx 5" (12.5cm). Candle burns for approx 3-7hrs. Best to burn for under 4 hours. Never leave a candle burning unsupervised. Keep away from children + animals. See "Details" for more information. If you have an allergy to coconut please inform us so we can make a pure beeswax candle. 

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