Salt Scrub

Edith + Herbert

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Exfoliate + Detoxify Your Body with Salt Body Scrub 

Comes in 3 benefits- Calm, Beauty, + Heal 

Calm is made with Lavender infused Jojoba oil + Olive Oil, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, + Lavender Petals. Comes with an Amethyst Crystal 

Beauty is made with Rose infused Jojoba oil + Olive Oil, Epsom Salt, Red Alaea Salt, + Rose Petals. Comes with a Rose Quartz Crystal 

Heal is made with Calendula infused Jojoba oil + Olive Oil, Epsom Salt, Black Lava Salt, Frankincense Essential Oil + Calendula Petals. Comes with a Citrine Crystal 

All Organic Herbs + Essential Oils. Not made to be used on the face. Body Only. 8oz