Non-Binary Candle

Edith + Herbert

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The Non-Binary Pride Flag is a celebration of those who don’t want to be limited to one gender! We wanted to share that celebration of inclusion + let everyone know they are welcome here. 

10% of all PRIDE FLAG Candle sales will go to a different LGBTQIA+ charity every month 🏳️‍🌈

Non Binary Pride Candle is made with a non-GMO Soy-Coconut Wax blend in a 9 oz jar. 

Each color is scented with a different organic essential oil: 

  • Yellow- Neroli
  • White- Patchouli
  • Purple- Lavender-Sandalwood
  • Black- Sage

Trim the wick + allow the entire top to melt before blowing it out for a longer lasting candle. Do not burn longer than 2 hours. 


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